Musical Fanta-Stick

● About Musical <Fanta-Stick>


   Musical Fanta-Stick is a non-verbal fusion Gukak (Korean traditional music) performance that tells the story of love, betrayal, and the power of music to break a curse. Booming drums, breathtaking dances, traditional melodies, and a passionate love story will keep you on the edge of your seat. Enjoy a funny and dramatic retelling of Romeo and Juliet with 100% live music performance! 

  Non-verbal live music show for people of all ages, genders, and countries! is the longest-running modern Gukak musical, having celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2019. has captivated more than 2000 audiences in over 20 countries, and has successfully done tour across Japan, Taiwan and USA.  

Fanta-Stick, a number one cultural performance not to be missed! 

● Synopsis

In the beginning, there were a man and a woman who loved each other!

God loved them so much that he gave a heavenly drum to the man and a heavenly flute to the woman. 

But the woman tore off the heavenly drum because the man got obsessed with in. 

To punish the woman, God hid the heavenly flute and made her family become ghosts. 

The only way for the woman and her family to turn back into human is to play ‘Fanta-Stick’ music with the lost heavenly flute. 

Guess what will happen to them next? 

● Fanta-Stick Theater

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Address: Fanta-Stick Theater, 4F, 146, Daehak-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea