● FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions )

1. How do I use an invitation coupon?

A. Check the expiry date on the bottom of the coupon, and contact us at least 2 days before the desired participation date. Please bring a physical copy of the coupon, and we will exchange it with the show ticket. 

2. Can I choose where to seat?

A. You can choose the seats through each ticket channel. If the website does not allow you to choose, we will allocate the seats according to the order of the reservation.

3. Is there a parking lot?

A. You can use our mechanical parking lot under the building (parking fee applies), or public parking lots near the theater are also available. 

4. Can I take photos, videos or recordings during the performance?

A. Photography, videography, and recordings are prohibited during the performance except Photo Time and Curtain Call. 

5. How do I receive my tickets?

A. Tickets will be given an hour before the performance at our Ticket Box. You cannot receive the tickets before the Ticket Box operation time. 

6. Until when will the show open?

A. Musical is an open-run show, which opens everyday with no particular end date. Performance time slots are 5pm and 8pm. 

7. How long is the performance?

A. Total performance running time is 80 minutes.

8. Can I bring a wheelchair?

A. Yes, you can enjoy the performance on a wheelchair. If you are bringing a wheelchair, please inform us beforehand so we can guide you. 

9. Coupon and Discount rates

A. You can check the discount rates on our partner ticket booking websites. You must contact us beforehand for the use of coupon/discounts. If you forget to bring a physical coupon, you will be required to pay extra fees for original price. 

10. Viewing Age

A. Over 36 months old can enter the theater. 

11. Will I be banned to enter the theater after the show begins? 

A. You will be put into Delayed Entry followed by the guidance of our staffs.

12. Can I walk-in and buy the tickets at the Ticket Box?

A. Yes, but we ask you to contact us before you come to check if there are enough seats.